About Kandi Williams: Kandi Williams, founder and principal recruiter, started recruiting in 1991 after a 16 year career in field-based sales and sales management that started with VWR Scientific in 1975. She started her recruiting career when WaterWorks Technologies, Inc, a small tech-based start-up she had co-founded unexpectedly closed. Her personal experience and recruiting expertise encompasses biotech, biopharmaceutical, diagnostic, environmental and certain areas of the medical device market.

About our business: Our business philosophy is simple: we won't waste your time. For our clients that means we won't present unscreened, unqualified or under-qualified candidates. For our candidates that means we listen to what you want to do, where you want to be, and how much travel you are willing to do. We understand our markets because of direct personal career experience, continuing education, relentless networking, and hard work.

About our clients: A listing of recent client companies can be found on the "clients" page. We are successful in maintaining long-term business relationships with top-tier clients because we work hard to find the right candidates. We believe in personalized service with hands-on involvement for every search we accept, and we screen our clients and candidates extensively to achieve the right "fit".

About our candidates: We have an extensive network of candidates with expertise in genomics, proteomics, bioassay, biopharmaceutical, manufacturing, microarray, lab automation, bioinformatics, chemical engineering, cell and tissue culture, lab products distribution, and much more.

Please contact us when you would like any additional information on our services. The cornerstones of our business are integrity, ethics and confidentiality. Whether you are a prospective candidate or a prospective client company, we want to talk to you.

Privacy Policy: All correspondence is kept in strict confidence and will not be shared with a third party without permission.